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Supergirl's Chyler Leigh on Turning Vigilante and the "Critical" Finale Ending

Sun., May. 17, 2020 11:40 AM

The CW

What can you say about what new Alex and the rest of the team are facing in the finale, especially now with Lena switching sides? 

Well, I mean obviously the stakes are the highest they've been. There's a lot that goes into it. You have the Brainy aspect and you've got everybody trying to work together to fight these big bads but at times it seems impossible. And with Lena coming back into the fold, it's obviously a very questionable line of trust, or lack thereof at times, to see what her intentions really are. But we as the audience know that she really does have a good heart, and she really does have good intentions. Her execution isn't always the best and whatnot, but there has to be that understanding between everybody that hey look, not everybody's been honest the whole time, and it kind of comes to a head. It does come to a collaboration of sorts that I think will be really exciting for everybody to see. 

We saw Lena and Alex work together during the crossover, so how is Alex taking Lena's change of heart now? 

It's approached with trepidation and caution on many fronts, because Lena knows who we all are and obviously Alex is and always will be protective of her sister. But even earlier in the season when Alex had to come to Lena to help with Myriad and all that, she approaches it as humble as she can but also at the same time pointing out to Lena, hey, look, you weren't the most honest in this situation either. So it's almost like we need to come to a reckoning and an understanding that we are all in the same fight. We're all on the same page. We all have something different to offer. But there is an underlying sense of this could go south very quickly, and what are we going to do if it does?  

But we get a lot of cool science talk between Alex and Lena. I love working with Katie. We have so much, and I love the dynamic between Alex and Lena. I mean, there were episodes upon episodes where I had nothing to do with any of the scenes that she was in and it was a bummer because we all love each other as a cast so much so when there is a break in times where work together, we're just passing in the trailers or when we're waiting in the green room, it's like "have a great scene! maybe I'll see you next episode!" 

So is there any sense in this episode that the gang's back together?

Where we leave off in 19, there's still a lot hanging in the air, so there's no sense of like, hey team, we're in it together. There's still so many variables that would have been a bit more resolved in 20 if that were to air this go round. But a lot of things are kind of left undone and unsaid, so we won't be able to see some of the resolution until the next one airs. 

Anything else you want to say before people see this finale?

Yeah, I think just enjoy the journey. Give us a little grace because it was definitely a lot of work from the producers and from the editors to put together what I believe will be a really fantastic episode. But just be willing to be on the journey and enjoy the hell out of it, and we'll see what happens next season."